How do I find love again...?

I've been hurt by the men I love (none physically) but every man I've ever dated has broken my heart, the last one being the worst. I moved on, but can't bring myself to begin something with anyone else, it just seems wasteful and time consuming to date, just to have the thought of being broken again... I want to find love, and I want to find a soul mate, doesn't have to happen right now, but I eventually want that. I want a best friend to come home to who I love... But I can't seem to break down my wall and learn to trust again... Any advice from male or female will help...


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  • Sounds like you should take a good amount of time to be alone and collect yourself. Focus on you and your goals and not think about guys and dating (no girls either, ok?!).

    • No girls, promise! And I have been definitely focusing on myself, which has made me very happy lately, I just don't want to be that pigeon lady from home alone lol... All lonely feeding pigeons on Christmas? Lol

      Thanks though, I completely understand what you're saying

    • I vaguely remember those movies...had to google the pidgeon lady's story lol... sad story, bro :p ...definitely wouldn't want to be her! link :P

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  • i pray to God for u... don't worry about it...ok... be happy


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  • When you learn to be patience and tolerance, sure you can stay with him.


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