You're still in love, but I'm so over you?

My boyfriend is still really into me and we've been on a break for a month. I really only view him as a friend anymore and every single thing he does annoys me so much. Everything's always a competition between us and I'm tired of it. Wee still good friends and he's helping me out in math cause he's really good at it and I'm not, while I'm helping him out in English. Yet, he has the hopes we get together again someday, whereas I strictly see him as a friend.. But I don't wanna hurt him too much! Help?


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  • Tell him! and find somebody else for help. Taking from him get's him into feeling that he might improve his position by that. That gives him hope and it will be harder later on. There might not be any not hurting way. So do it best way you can but so he definitely understand. Don't worry. He will get over you. Just do it as soon as possible.

    • thanks! I took your advice and I did,

      we're both alright but I was his first girlfriend so he's a little hung over about it but thank you for your help!:)

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