Girlfriend is apparently still friends with her ex?

Really, I just need a little reassurance. My girlfriend is apparently still friends with her EX. I have to accept this. He's a musician and at his show she is his number one fan. totally drives me insane. Anyone been there?


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  • Id be really annoyed if my boyfriend was mad at me for being good friends with an ex is like my best friend but there are NO romantic feelings between us anymore.

    Alot of people I know, guys and girls, are still friends with their exes unless the relationship ended badly..I don't see a problem with it. Don't be so jealous ;] unless she's showing romantic feelings towards him I'd just let it go..but if it seems like she is talk to her about it and get it over with so you aren't fretting

    • It did end VERY badly, and it took her a very long time to get over... I told her that too, "i wouldn't care at all if it ended somewhat well". So, for sure I am being overly jealous, but considering how it ended and how hard she worked to get him back...

    • PS. look at the comments from guys for future reference ;)

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  • yea and it did not turn out good. every time we got in a fight shed run to him and he would say anything to try to make me look bad. You know how it is you look back and see all these red flags but at the time you think you are just being insecure. How long you been with her?

    • She might run to him if we go into a fight, but I highly doubt he'd try to make me look bad.

  • Yeah I think I'd rather be single than deal with that kind of drama. I know people are going to say "he's just insecure" but that is complete bullsh*t. There are certain things you don't do in a relationship to remain respectful to your other half. Following around an ex and saying you are his number 1 fan is one of those things.

    • I hear ya, man. she doesn't say it, but it's obvious.

  • My man, I never been threw that and never want to be. If I were you I would feel very uncomfortable with that, as you are, and would have to decide to except it or move on without her. Myself and most men I know want there woman to be their fan and their fan only, at least when it comes to other men,excluding her father of course. So, just talk to her about it and come up with a solution, then stick to it, whatever the outcome is.

    • yeah my plan is: EIther I will get over it within a few months, or I'll leave. I think I'll just get over it.

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