Crazy exgirlfriend won't go away?

There's this one boy at my high school who supposedly liked me. He seems to be a flirt with a lot of girls, and he's hit on every girl I know, so I wasn't surprised that he started hitting on me.

The only thing is, he told my best friend& her boyfriend that he likes me & thinks I'm cute, and that he likes my violet eyes. (yes, they're a shade of purple. doesn't matter)

:)I secretly thought he was cute too!

So we were texting and started talking, and he told me about his ex and how badly she broke his heart, to the point where he cried.

He was put through Hell & back, and still is going through it.

All my friends warned me about her, and some say she's been going at this for a year now.

One girl even said that if it weren't for his Crazy Ex, he'd probably have an amazing girlfriend by now, but his ex scares them, discourages, and irritates all the girls that like him away.


They start talking crap about me, and told me "Yeah... me & him are trying to work stuff out, since, you know, we've dated for 3 years before this. So, I don't want you to get hurt or anything... Its just that I get jealous easily& I heard you liked him, so" B!TCHPLEASE.

He won't tell her anything, and its like he actually likes the attention, but I can tell he's just being nice and is really annoyed.

The fact that he likes me, but won't tell her to back off irritates me.

I don't take bull from anyone.

So when he started bull-crapping me by spending more time with her, I got PO-D

ohhmigoshhh I was so mad :(

So now, Crazy Ex & her Clones are all spreading rumors about me .___.

Im not letting her win this.

I like him, I'm gonna get him.

But he's starting to hate me cause he's heard I'm starting drama&Sh!t, and rumors have reached him :/

I feel like id really have a chance if she'd just go AWAY!

SO, how do I get her to hop off?




Most Helpful Guy

  • Your boyfriend needs to tell her to hop off, it's down to him, not you. If he likes you, wants you, it's HIS responsibility to tell her to vanish, that there's nothing left for them, only then will she vamoosh for good

    ... show me these eyes?!?!?! They sound so strange, so wonderfully strange :)

    • Im so fed up with him, haha, if he doesn't clean up his act soon, I'm not even gonna bother -.-

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What Guys Said 2

  • Well, you could find an exposed gas main around her house and... take action.

    Anywho, the fact that he is starting to hate you because of rumors caused by his ex... suggests he is a very, very weak-willed individual. May not be worth your time to be honest.

    • Youre right,

      &&LOL I hope I don't get caught if I do find her gas main xD

  • You can't get her to hop off. She's his problem; he has to take care of it, and he's clearly not doing a stellar job. I would move on.


What Girls Said 1

  • If he is going to allow this young lady to dictate his life, then let it be. If he had enough respect for you he would have told her to stop her behavior a while ago. Why fight for someone that won't fight for themselves? I suggest you give him a ultimatum either he erases her from his life or you're gone. You don't have to go through this, you can walk away. I am sure there are a lot of guys out there who find you attractive physically/mentally.


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