What's the deal with ex boyfriend?

In June we dated, we didn't date long because we both felt as if we got into a relationship to fast so we ended things. well I ended things, he got really upset cause he "really liked me"... so he would talk behind my back, telling my friends I was immature and had a lot of growing up to do. That stuff doesn't really hurt me so he never hurt me to the point where I was really hurt by him.

We both had a relationship in between our breakup .. both of which didn't last long. We told each other then that we missed each other, but then he told one of my friends he was unsure of getting back together with me. That was a month ago.

Last night he texted me saying how much he misses me and this time he's serious. He said that all the things he said in the past he regrets and was an idiot for saying them. I kept going on saying how much it hurt me (even though it didn't) and he said he wish he could take it all back and that he would never hurt me again.

So he asked me to our semi formal dance, and I'm still unsure about it. I really don't want to make a dumb decision and I really don't know if he means it this time. He's been the one texting me, and making conversation with me. He's doing everything it seems to try and get me back. But I'm still unsure.

How can I be sure he means it?


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