Does he miss me?

We broke up 4 weeks ago, but remained friends and kept falling back into the semi dating relationship (no sex but going on dates etc). and a little under 2 weeks ago we had a full falling out over a phone call where he was caught in a lie (not a major thing he was lying about but it was still a lie and I called him out on it). afterward I fully ended the friendship over text and said to not call me until he was who he use to be. He had broke up the dating (a month prior) and then I broke up the friendship.

I do really care for him, but for the last 2 weeks have not contacted him even though I want my friend back, I noticed he stopped going out, and stopped going on dating sites (we both were still on dating sites once we determined to be friends) and his old time friends have asked me where he is as he isn't doing anything anymore and they can't get a hold of him.

Why would he seperate himself so much from normal activiites? Do you think he misses the friendship like I do? I'm not sure what to do other then just not contact him, but has anyone ever seen someone completly withdrawl from everything even though they caused the breakup and it was there decision not to be in a relationship. And for the record he is not dating anyone else. thanks


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  • He might just be avoiding you/your mutual friends. But regardless, isolating yourself can sometimes be a coping strategy, or he's gone into a depression for some reason... but that's baffling to me, since you said he initiated the breakup first.

    • yeah they are not even mutual friends, I don't know them, they just know I know him. Yeah he initiated everything, I just ended the friendship when I caught him in a lie. Really odd.

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