How to move on after being hurt?

Id explain exactly what happened, but it would be really long...SO

Just in general, how to you move forward in a relationship after hurtful things have been said and done. Because as of now, even when my boyfriend and I do make up, I'm just so repulsed and hurt that I wouldn't be able to even look at him. But what he did and said was out of grief (extremely sick family members...1 possibly looking at death) Everyone makes mistakes. And considering what he's dealing with, I understand why he's acting psychotic. He pissed me off and I pissed him off and right now we are taking a few days to cool off. But I still want to be there for him. Now more than anything. I know what he's going through isn't easy. We have been together 3 months. I'm hurting. I miss him dearly. But still so mad and hurt. I just want to fix and get past this... As of now I don't trust him. Id like to rebuild that and make us stronger.

What would be a good tactic to this problem?


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  • You need time apart to gain reasonable perspective and make rational decisions.

    You also need to understand that sometimes, you can't get past things that were said, and irreparable damage has been done. Real and honest trust is something couples generally only get one chance at. If its blown, its nearly impossible to repair back to the way things were. I'm not saying this relationship is doomed, I just want you to realize at some point, you may have to face this reality if things don't improve.

    • I think your right. I just think my biggest fear is that, if I take time to myself...then ill lose him forever.

      Thanks for the advice

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