Is it good to be friends or try to be friends with your ex?

See my ex left me for someone else. But he blames things on me when I didn't do anything to him. I try to be his friend but he gets mad when he hears that I'm seen other guys or chilling with my guys friends or coworkers. I don't know why? When he is with his girl. And know he hates me just Because I'm talking and chilling more with one of my coworkers more often. and now he said he don't wanna be my friend that he would never speak to me ever again in life. And that he wishes me good luck with my coworker. I don't get it why is he tripping when he has a girl and all I want is be friends with him now he don't wanna be friends with me Because he said he don't want friends like me in his life. I don't get it.


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  • why would you try to be friends with someone who sh*tted on you? he's doing you a favor because he wasn't a good boyfriend, won't be a good friend because the guy has 0 respect for you , as evidenced by his behavior. you shouldn't want to be friends with him. friends don't hurt friends

    • Tks. That's true the only reason I wanted be friends with him is because I love him alot. We were together for 6 yrs. I know I most be crazy for trying to be his friend but I'm hurting and for some reason I can't take him out of my mind and hurt. I'm so stress out and I been trough a lot in my life and all I do is think of him. So I thought been friends was OK. But it's not. I try dating or Gallic to others dude but I just can't take him out of me.. I'm so danm stuck in this.;(

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  • girl, you need to not even mess with that. he's clearly confused and there's no point sitting and trying to figure him out. he broke up with you, he doesn't wanna be friends, but he doesn't want you dating other guys. I'd cut off contact with him. maybe when he can learn to grow up, he can talk to you like an adult and tell you how he feels. but for now, no.

  • He wants his cake and eat it too! Most men do.. They don't want to be committed, but once you start getting with someone, they get pissed. Like its OK for them to see others, but you can't. He needs to get real! Get as far away from him as you can, you will be better off.

  • Sounds to me like he is guilty of leaving you for another girl and only way for him to feel like he is not at fault by blaming you. I wouldn't recommend you to be friend with now but wait until things cool down between you and him. although he is with another girl but he is still very possessive of you and doesn't want to see you with another guys that why he get mad at you. I would wait until he apologize to you for blaming everything on you before talking to him again.

    • I know darlanoy0510 but yesterday he texted me saying he don't wanna had from me ever and in his life and that he don't want friends like me in his life ever again. He told me to go away an f*** off. And that he don't want to hear from me for ever. And I said to him all do him favorite that I would go away for good but not to come and fine. Because I know karma is a bitch at the all the damage he did to me and all the mean stuff he said to me it's going to come to him back.

    • Yes karma is a bitch and trust me he will see it fast too. Move on and don't even look back at him because he clearly an unhappy person and he needs to make someone life unhappy too.

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