How long does it last after?

Is a relationship over once one of you has cheated?

Im not about if you tell your partner you have cheated I'm on about if you keep it from them?

What are the ups and downs? Will the relationship work anymore?


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  • Honestly, I never actually cheated on my boyfriend.But when we broke up, there would always be some guy to like replace him, and that was because it was so frustrating that I went beyond the necessary approach. And I felt bad, so I would tell him, and he calls it cheating, but we werent together, so he is still hurt til this day. A year and a half later. lol I was honest, and apologized, and we are still together, but let me tell you, it's not easy and bliss anymore, a lot of privliges have been faded, a lot of trust has been demolished. It's hard, but we are still together, and we have our good days, and sometimes we have our bad days, but by the end of the day, we still love on another. It does get stressful here and there, but we try to work through it...So I guess it depends who you are dealing with, because some people take the person back and forgive because they love them, and then there are people who don't tolerate it and think, once a cheater, always a cheater... So it depends, but in my situation, everything is working out for us still. been 2 years, and I'm just happy we are still together.


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