Does ex still like me?

My boyfriend and I broke up 2 months ago, and let me say things haven't been that easy, just the usual drama. When I broke up with him I lied and said that "I felt we where more friends" and that was a big fat lie, cause I was pressured to break up with him, I did stand up and just ignored all the people who called me an w*ore and a s*ut cause he was an German and I'm an Norwegian. I tried telling him the truth a couple of days after, but he did not wanna, I think its cause he was hurt.

About 2 days ago I told him the truth, about the break up and all that, and all he said was "hmm" cause he did not know what to say, so I just let him be that way. I actually hung out with him a last night, with a friend thought (that's how me and him meet these days) and we talked quite smoothly,no drama,just lots of laughter, smiling and a little flirting, just like when we where togheter.

My friend (who's close to him) told me that he talks a lot about me, really deep convos! She told him that I cried when I told her the truth about the break up and he just went silent. But still he talks allot about me, maby a little to much cause I'm his ex?

Anyways I have No idea what he is onto these days, we talk just like before, we laugh,we flirt, just all that... And I'm super confused...

Any of you guys out there got any ideas what he is onto ? :-)


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  • he likes you but is afraid you will break up w/him again


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