When you're good friends with your ex boyfriend's friends as well..

So he was my first serious relationship and I was his longest (1 year.) He was a major player before we dated. We ended on decent terms, the relationship moved way to fast since the beginning and fizzled out. During that time I became really good friends with his friends, always hanging out with them pretty much every time I saw him as they were always over at his place. We'd play video games (halo, fifa etc), go out to drink (love ufc), smoke whatever. He said I was the chillest girl he's ever met and his friends the same.

He broke up with me and he wanted to still hangout/sex. I was the opposite, said I don't look back and I move on. Didn't speak since coming back to university. I see him around, for me its fine but he's very weird and avoids me or goes out of his way to make sure I know he is avoiding me. His friends and I still hang out, text pretty much what we did minus him around.

I'm just wondering if I'm crossing the line by still being good friends with them, they call me to chill. My friends say I'm crossing the line by even talking to them but I'm not a b**** and ignoring them. What do you of ex girlfriends who hang out with their ex's friends? Am I crossing the line, should I be a b****? ha ha thanks!

*excuse my spelling. I typed quickly haha.


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  • well, it seems you live in the same world I live in, they are your friends now too.. so of course you should hang out with them...

    Your friends however, live somewhere else... lol


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