Hiding cheating? Please help?

A male friend off mine cheated on his girlfriend with his ex, the mother off is child from what I can gather they have a big past and obviously a child but has been with his new girlfriend nearly 2 year, he isn't going to tell his new girlfriend and I was wondering what will the effects be off him not telling her?. They wasn't great before he cheated and I know if she found out she wouldn't forgive him. Will the guilt eat away at him? Or will it just affect there relationship? Anyone been through it?


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  • my x and I had a few days of encounters and she hasn't told her boyfriend and I will not tell him because he IS a piece of sh*t and I do not feel that I was in the wrong she initiated the contact with me and things got heavy although we did not have sex we did everything else, he called her and she told him she had to go then gave me a blow job 10 minutes later, it didn't seem to do anything to her or her relationship maybe it was just a one time thing and he feels guilty but doesn't want to ruin what he has, tell him you are there if he needs to talk about it


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