How do I get my best friend back?

My boyfriend of 14 months broke up with me a month ago. He told me that it was because for the last few weeks he has been feeling that we are turning into more "just friends" then anything else. He really is my best friend and during the breakup he promised me that he would still be around and come see me at least once a week. He looked me in the eye and told me that our best friendship wouldn't change. We hugged it out and made an agreement to see each other and talk regularly. The day after the break up he texted me that morning and we talked allllll day. Same with the next day. Then I didn't hear from him Wednesday other then one text and the next day... nothing. After that we started talking a bit again, even made plans (that fell through every time) and now.. I Haven't heard from him in a long time again. Last week we talked on Facebook I'm after not hearing from him for a solid week (the longest we have EVER gone without talking) He apologized for not talking to me and told me that talking to me makes him sad and depressed and that he still wanted to be my best friend but he just "needs some space" but he has no idea how much space.

I'm not exactly sure what my question is here guys. but its now been a month since I have seen him (that was the night he broke up with me) and over a week since we have talked other then that last conversation. I just need my best friend back, even if that means I can't ever have him back as my boyfriend... What do I do? Please help.

His best friend told me that he thinks we can get something back and to just text him... but I know that's not what my ex wants. Everyone else keeps telling me to just drop it and move on... but I'm not sure how to do that. help?


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  • I'm sure he likes you a lot as a friend. He's sad and depress because he's afraid that he's misleading you. He's not sure what he wants that is why he needs more space. The space he needs could be a day, a week, months or years. I know this because it can also happen to girls as well. He just want you to be happy. He doesn't want routine. Talking ont he phone day by day seems like it was the same as before. I'm not sure, but I know for sure he needs his own space to do his own things. He's searching for something and yet he doesn't know what it is...I think you should let it be until he's able to talk to you again. Try not to push him or try to get into his space, it may backfire and you will lose a friend.


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