What do you guys think of this experience I had with my ex?

I spent the entire day with my ex boyfriend yesterday. It was fun and we got along great. There was a flirting going on, harmless teasing and a lot of smiling/ laughing. I notice a few times the girl he's seeing texted/called him and he didn't answer. When I held his hand or lightly touched him, he didn't turn away and he did the same to me. I told him that I was glad that we were getting to know each other again, he seemed a little taken away by this comment, gave me a giant smile and said me too.

I'm trying to not read too much into it but this is huge for us. About a month ago we couldn't go an hour without yelling, making snide comments or fighting with each others. It felt like we had just met each other for the first time.

Any thoughts on my experience?


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  • well I think your ex wants you back in his life

    and his current girlfriend is posing as a pain

    but I would advise you to stop this for he is using both of you and he would do nothing but break your heart

    • It seriously feels different when we are together. A lot of the issues that we had aren't there anymore. We both have made major improvements in our lives.

      At first I thought that he was using me for the support and comfort I can provide for him. I have a great amount of love for him and I honestly want him to be happy.

      I appreciate the advice and I do keep in mind to protect my heart.

  • Sounds like he likes you a lot still. I don't think he is using either of the girls, he is trying to figure out what he wants, the feeling of meeting for the firs time again is still happening to me and my x after three months of being broken up after a four year relationship. It is a great feeling reconnection with someone you love and you hope that it turns into something, but she is dating someone and doesn't want to throw it away for something that could turn back into what we had which was fighting a lot and not spending time with each other, my life has changed a lot in the last three months, and I'm like a new person and I feel better then I ever have I just wish I could stop smoking. when I am around people I have no desire to smoke at all, I can hang out with someone for upwards of seven hours without thinking about a cigarette, then I get home and want to smoke every 20 minutes because I am bored.

    • When we spend time together it feels so different. I do hope that we find our way back to each other but I'm trying to balance how to stay on his mind w/o pushing my way in there. Lately he's bringing up fun things we use to do,inside jokes, good times we had buys me gifts, comes up with plans for things for us to do and sends me messages and pictures. Is this a sign that I'm still on his mind? if he has another girl, why is he doing these things?

    • I'm sorry that you too had to go through a break up too. They suck. I hope that you get what you want out of your relationship with your ex.

      I hear you about stopping smoking. I need to do that as well.

      What kind of things are you doing when you get cravings?

      When I'm driving and I get the urge I make sure to sing, when I can I try to smoke gum and eat carrots. When its really bad I drink water and just remind myself that I can go 5 min w/o smoking, then 5 more min and so on.

    • im trying not to buy packs of cigarettes and not ask for them so I don't have them around when I get a craving... it works as long as I don't stop on my way home from some where

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