Girls, do you think I blew my chances here?

I started talking to a girl at a friends party a couple of weeks ago. Since then we've had 2 hr conversations on Facebook. the first time I initiated it. The second time she did. I used a lot of cocky humor in those fb convos and I she definitely was also having fun. I asked for her no and she gave it to me.

but earlier this week, I made the mistake of calling her within minutes of her replying to one of my texts in the middle of the day. I don't noe what I was thinking! anyway. . .she made an excuse about her mum calling half way through a conversation and that's where that day ended.

the next day, I also apologized for sending her what I thought would be a funny text and she replied saying not to worry about it cause she wasn't angry over it.

the last text I sent her was on Friday asking her general questions and she hasn't replied.

now I'm thinking of just biting the bullet and asking her to join me in mini golfing or something. Do you girls think she would've lost interest?


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  • I hate to say it, but you might have. It sounds like you were fumbling to correct something you already messed up and it made you look pushy, when you should've probably waited a day or two so things could calm down a bit.


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