Ex coming over tonight to drop off my stuff..

Previous info: He broke up with me two weeks ago because he doesn't want a girlfriend and I'm too young for him (he's 20 I just turned 18). We work at the same restaurant together about once a week. Two days after the break up my previous ex came and saw me at work and this ex flipped out, saying he still cares for me and thought I was trying to purposefully make him jealous. But some of my coworkers asked him yesterday if he missed me and he says he doesn't and doesn't have any respect for me because of the debacle last week. We don't text or anything either. But I miss him bad, of course. And work is painful. -__-

So tonight he's coming by my house to drop off some stuff of mine that I need for school. I'm not sure how to handle this situation. I wanna say something jokingly/sarcastic like "Soooo how bad do you hate me?"

This is the only time I'll see him until next weekend when we work together again. We don't really talk at work and if we do it is completely civil and I try to avoid him.

I want to know how make him miss me and how to utilize the situation coming up tonight to my benefit!

I do want him back, but I know most likely we won't. I just don't want him to act so cold towards me and I'd be fine being friends.


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  • Just let him know that you're happy without him. Depending on the situation he could get jealous because you're living a happy life single and he's not. Best of luck.

    Peave and Love, Jenna


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  • tell him that you miss his company and want to be his friend still.


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  • he sounds like a huge jerk! let him go! you can find someone better!

    but if you really want him back just be calm and nice and say you miss him


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