How do you know if they are flirting with you, just being friendly, or playing games?

Ex and I broke up about 5 months ago. He did some nice things for me and sent encouragement messages because he knew I was having a hard time with the break-up, having life stress and medical problems. We live down the hall from each other so it was hard to avoid each other. Things felt formal (like seeing a co-worker you didn't really like but you had to be nice too but avoid at all cost). I accepted that this was our new relationship and moved on with my life. Over time we became a little bit less formal to awkward friendly exes to friends.

Recently things changed. he's been teasing me, compliments me, gives me encouragement, talks about fun times we use to have, goes out of his way to touch me, asking my opinions on things, told me that he noticed honest positive changes in me, talks about things we both like, seems interested in what I'm doing and suggest things to do together (which results in us spending hours alone together).

It all feels do different, doesn't feel formal at all but more like it is when you just start dating someone or have a crush on someone. there's that awesomely awkward live energy around us. He really seems interested in getting to know me again and being around me.

Now, I'm thinking, is he flirting with me, still just being friendly with me or is it that he see these changes in me and is just playing with me?

What do you girls and guys think?

*BTW- He moved on to a new relationship about 2 months after our break-up. I don't know all the details of his current relationship but he seems to be putting a lot more energy and time into me.


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  • He misses you and he wants too get back in a relationship with you. Either that or he is a massive d***. I would suggest being wary of the present state, and just see how things turn out. Just wait for him to make the next move and take your time if you do end up back in a relationship. If things start getting physical quickly, he might just be trying to use you. Honestly these questions can be really hard to answer because of how vague they end up being. certain details girls don't know about are really important to get a proper read on a guy. So I hope that helped answer your question, and if you are cool with providing more details just message me and I'll see if I can figure it out better.

    • Hes been like a gentelman when we are together-like when you first meet someone. The other day when I was with him he'd lean in to talk to me/ tease me. When he touches me its like on the small of my back or friendly bumps into me. He unlocks and opens the car door for me. All these things he didn't do weeks ago.

      He doesn't feel/seem like he's being a massive d***. So I am a little interested to know what details about guys us girls really don't know.

    • It's like guys body language and stuff. Can't really put a specific set idea to it, when you see another guy you can just kind of tell. Also specific word choice can make a difference. That's what I meant by that. A real quick way to check is to just ask him what his intentions are too. Don't be hostile, just gently ask what he wants from all this.

    • got it. well, my other guy friends aren't flirty with me and I've never seen him flirty with his girl friends. He talks about us doing stuff way in the future.

      Yeah, I know that it'd be the best way to find out what he's thinking by asking but I'm nervous. I don't want this to blow up in my face.

  • when he see you. he probably thing about the good times you and him had. he probably miss that. if he is still in a relationship with this girl that you speak of, then he is probably confused on what he wants. the current situation or the past. you have to talk to him and see how he feels about you.

    answer mine? link

    • I'm so nervous about talking about feelings with him. Like I said it feels like we just met all over again. We've been having so much fun together, I'm afraid that if I'm reading this wrong it could blow up in my face.

      I want to focus on him realizing who I am now. A lot of the reasons why we broke up don't seem to be issues anymore.

      I hope my advice on your link helps you.

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