How do I move on if we live in the same house?

he went cold all of a sudden. I didn't see it coming. but just last week we were so good together. we've been together over a year and I guess no matter what we each want, it's just so hard when we live in the same house. I have my own room because he moved me into his mom's house as a tenant but we were already seeing each other. (he's such a bastard.) So now I would love to move on but HOW? I cannot afford to move out right now. He'll be sweet as pie next time he needs something from me. Also, how do I start dating again? I really want to see other people and forget about him..but HOW?


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  • Why did you move in with his mom to begin with? Does he still live with his mom? You need to get out. Plain and simple. I can only hope that you see that moving in with his mom wasn't too bright of an idea in the first place. Get a job. Save money. Get a place of your own. Stop relying on someone else to take care of you.


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