My ex has contacted me after 5 months.

my ex has contacted me after 5 months..we have talked a lot he's the one taking and reaching out...he broke up with me..since he was in the army..

So army guys you priority your girlfriend or your boys...he prioritized his boys and now he's out and wants me?

Am I right?


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  • I think it depends on the person and their situation. Like for example some of my friends that I knew that was in the army, some would proiritze their family first including parents, boyfriend/girlfriend,etc. While others I knew would just stay single and prioritized their close friends. Do you want to get back with your ex? That sucks that he broke up with you. I felt he still could had try to work things out with you even though he was in the army. A lot of people work things out in long distance relationships.


What Girls Said 1

  • My boyfriend (at least I hope he's still my boyfriend lol =( ) is in the army. And since he has been home on leave he always prioritized me first for the most part. He would see me before friends. So it never became an issue. But I have also dated guys in the navy who just didn't care to put me before anything in their lives and that's why they all failed. I think It just depends on the guy. Some guys are money driven and will make that their number one. Some guys, while they want a relationship...they hate losing their "freedom" and so they try to see their boys more. I say give him another shot...especially if he is seeing that he messed up. Its been 5 months. That's a good sign if he's willing to reach out after that long. It means you never really left his mind


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