I'm the "other woman" he got his girlfriend pregnant. I don't want him to marry her...

We started going to the gym together after I met him through a friend at the gym. We got to know each other. One day we actually hung out and did a couple errands together. He really wanted to make out with me. That didn't happened until later that night after going to the gym with him. We held hands. I hadn't felt the way I felt for almost a year.

There was one day at the gym I saw him, I felt like something was wrong. I asked him if his girlfriend was pregnant? He said no.

A couple weeks later I found out he was getting married. I was shocked! I couldn't believe it.

We still go to the gym together. He flirts with me. He told me if his girlfriend didn't get pregnant we would of still been hanging out.

He always looks straight into my eyes.

I wish he didn't think he had to marry her...They've only known each other about a year...

The first time I met him. My friend asked if he thought he was going to marry his girlfriend. He said no!

Another time I asked him about it. He didn't want to be the father with his child with no mother at church.(She doesn't believe) I go to church.

Maybe this just wasn't meant to be or a case when he realizes this after he gets married it doesn't work out.


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  • It doesn't matter if he'd be happier with you- he's got a kid now. He's not marrying her to be happy, he's marrying her because he knocked her up and now he's stepping up, taking responsibility and being a man. So man guys don't do that, and don't be the bitch that steals a father away and leaves a young mother to raise the kid on her own, knowing that it's father had been cheating on her and now, when he got her pregnant decides to bail once and for all. Don't be that guy.

    You need to back off. He's not yours, nothing you think matters, nothing. It's bad enough you got him to cheat on his girlfriend with you, but the fact that you want him even though he now has a kid? You're so unbelievably selfish and inconsiderate and immature I can barely type this in a reasonable tone. You're stuck in the "I want it. I want it. Give it to me! It's mine. That's not fair. I want it!" mindset that you had when you were seven.

    Stop talking to him, stop flirting with him. Just stop. You have nothing but heartbreak and home breaking to add to this situation and you've done enough already. Leave him alone.

    • dont be that guy, how about don't be that girl that picks sh*t guys?

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    • No. I'm saying that you can never judge what a guy does. It's the same for girls. If a girl cheats on her boyfriend she's a bitch. You can't judge someone based off of anything but what you've experienced with them. They may not have ever cheated before, they may still be really kind and caring and sweet. If a girl cheats she deserves a slap in the face. If I guy cheats he does, too. It's the same both ways. But the person they're dating is faultless.

      I'm done debating this.

    • I completely agree with dudeman.

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  • The kind of situation you can expect when you date a guy who's already in a relationship. Just face it.


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  • If he honestly didn't want to be with this girl then she wouldn't have been his girlfriend, and YOU would have. He likes her more than you, obviously, because YOU are the other woman. She has something you don't. Sorry to sound mean, but it's the truth. Never. Get. Involved. With. A. Man. Who's. NOT. SINGLE. He was playing you because you allowed it.

    • Thanks. I think he did want to leave her before the baby thing came up. He even told me he doesn't like breaking up with girls. I think he felt kind of stuck and now he really is.

    • Let him be. He would probably do the same thing to you if you guys were ever together.

  • you shouldn't have dated him in the first place, knowing he was already in a relationship. as slipslender said, the baby comes first.

    • I never did date him. We just would go to the gym together. (that's all!) except after a month he kissed me. The Baby part came after the kiss

    • still, baby first. you shouldn't be making out with someone in a relationship.

  • too bad. what you want doesn't matter in this situation. the baby comes first.

  • Your a slut.. that's all

    • We only made out once. We're still friends. Go to the gym together. I'm pretty innocent. I've never even have had intercourse yet. I go to church every Sunday.

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