Guys would you spend hours with your ex-girlfriend?

I've noticed lately that my ex boyfriend has been paying a lot of attention with me and is wanting to hang out with me.

Would you guys do that if you weren't interested? Last I heard he was seeing someone, so why all this attention on me?

I know that there will be a few answers saying that he wants to "be friends" but its not feeling that way.

My 2 exes from college are my friends but since we've broken up, they've never acted towards me the way he does.


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  • in my case, I would spend hours with her only because I still love her. but if I didn't still have feelings for her I would not be interested. it varies with different guys though, some are just friendly some may have motives

    • I can get that. We've been hanging out a lot more lately. At first it was like friendly exs and this ackward and we got out of there ASAP. Lately though, were spending the entire days together and kind of flirty. I've seen hi with other friends that our girls and he doesn't seem to act that way to them.

    • then he probably does have feelings for you. hang out with him more often and wait for him to make his move

  • Weird, I Personally wouldn't give my ex a quarter if we were at the laundromat. Anyways he's probablly still into you.

    • It is weird. I'm not complaing though because I like the attention and the nice things he does for me. I'm just confussed about why he would put so much energy and time into me if he's seeing another girl. I'm not sure how serious he is with her but I know that I'd be upset if the guy I was seeing was putting more energy and time into his ex.

      BTW- Totally made me laugh ... "wouldn't give my ex a quarter if we were at the laundromat"

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    • last time we hung out it felt so the good kind of ackward when you have a crush on each other. He was a little flirty with me and teasing me.

      The other girl messaged him and he ignored it.

    • Then my point stands.

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