Why does my ex keep contacting me?

My ex keeps contacting me. He has emailed me a few times now, I'm not sure y.. He knows I like him. It's been 3 months since I have talked to him. We have been talking for about a week in a half, about life in general and I have flirted a bit and he flirts too. I stopped and just talk. He told me he likes me last time I seen him, and we almost kissed. I don't want to get hurt so I'm not jumping on what I hope it is. I had kept him comfortable because the first time we tried to be friends I would always contact him, now he does by himself. I don't know what his intentions are.. It's been 6 months that we have been broken up and now he talks to me..


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  • cause he wants a piece of your thing, you can either give it to him or not.

    • I doubt it, I had said once to get back together with hi and he called me a whore. I'm not sure because it's hard for us to be alone. If he didn't care why talk to me? -_-

    • ask him what he thinks about that.

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