Ex still loves me and misses me but he feels like he's stuck?

After rebounding hard-core and signing a year lease for a place with a girl after knowing her two weeks, my ex is realizing two months later that was really stupid and phoned me the other day saying how much he missed me and he wants me back but he's stuck in this really ridiculous situation where he has feelings for this girl but at the same time still loves me and misses me but he feels like he's stuck now because of the lease.

We talked and he kept going on about how he can talk to me like no one else, how he can "breathe easier" around me and he kept hugging me and saying he had to leave but then kept finding more to talk about and said he couldn't stop saying goodbye...

Its a pretty stupid situation. Unfortunately, I love him and would take him back because I can forgive him for rushing into something like that Because I know he was just trying to ignore his pain, its just I don't even know where to begin with in dealing with this. I'm pretty hurt he did that, and pretty hurt that he can't just say he wants to be with me but like how can he get out of that...
bitch is a f***ing flat ass **** for stealing my lying bastard a**hole bf


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  • get back together with you and find someone to sublet the apartment from him, have him talk to the landlord and say that he is not with the girl anymore and is moving out and trying to find someone to sublet the apartment and would like it if he could get his name taken off of the lease most landlords are understanding about relationships , easy peasy (my family owns a rental business)


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