Confusing head game. Need help?

Me and this guy broke up 2 weeks ago because he is moving away. We ended the relationship and then he stopped talking to me all together. Then when I saw him out he tried to hang all over me and when I turned him down he started being mean. Next two days he drunk dialed me saying weird things and even said he loved me...mind you he had never said that before. Then next day called and apologized for the drunk calls. Then last weekend he did it again. And said missed me and wanted to hold me. I don't here from all week except on weekend when he is drunk. what's the head game here? ( I could give more detail but I like to get right to the point)


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  • As the saying goes " sometimes people don't realize what they had until it's gone". Maybe you were looking good when he saw you and realized how he feels about you, maybe he only has the courage to tell you how he feels when he's drunk.

    • Sounds about right. But then when sober next morning he always says I don't know what I'm doing please ignore what I said and then when weekend passes he ignores me. It is good to know it isn't a game but still stinks. I don't want it over but it seems it needs to be and him ignoring me all the time except when drunk on weekend hurts.

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  • I would say he does love you. It follows the you don't know what you have til its gone and he doesn't know how to react to these feelings. Maybe he can only drink on the weekends and we all know alcohol is a depressant and liquid courage so it makes sense he would do that. He probably knows its best to break up because of distance but wants to be with you. Talk to him and express your feelings to him and go from there. Just my advise. good luck!

    • Problem is we don't talk all week long. I tried the first week to talk but he would ignore me all week. But it does make me feel better to think he may still have feelings and this isn't easy for him. It isn't for me either. Thank you for the advice.

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