Love don't cost a thing...... or does it?

Ex wants us to buy each other something for Christmas unsure if this is a good idea or not what would be his reason for doing this I could barely get I'm to buy me things when we were together now everything I disliked about him is become different what should I expect from this situation if anything ?


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  • If only money could buy love, life would be so easy.

    If he proposed the idea of buying an present and you think that he has changed to being a person that you would want to be with now, then I don't see why that would be a bad idea. Don't need to get something extravagant like some diamond ring or something. Something that you and him will appreciate.

    • i jsut don't want to put my heart into buying I'm something when I'm unsure were his heart is he just seems to be coming around slowly is this normal I mean really slow he always says stop trying to hard an let it just happen as far as us getting back together but wouldn't buyign gifts fit in that category or not

    • You should do what you feel is right. Love should be simple and not complicated like you are making it.

      You ask if buying a gift fits in that "category." I'm not exactly sure what category you are referring to, but if you are talking about the category of "getting back together," then I would say that it does. You mentioned how everything you disliked about him is different. Maybe he changed for you.

      If he is asking for the exchange, chances are, he will buy a gift for you too.

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