Me and my ex girlfriend have been getting along rather well.

So me and my ex have been getting along rather well. We see each other often. We've had some days where we were both kinda pissy but never argued or anything. Then we have really good days. Flirting teasing. We haven't had many days where we talked for real. The the other day she overheard me saying something about her or our relationship while I was talking to a friend. Had no idea she was around. Its hard to say exactly what she heard but she brought it up and said she heard me talking, but wouldn't say what it was. She just said with a smile "Stuff". I believe it was something real good. It could have been anything from I love her, I'll do anything to get her back., I miss her so much, something like that. Then she started being super friendly and nice, we even had a nice talk for about an hour the other night. Like we used to. Should I take this as a good sign and take the opportunity to try to talk to her and tell her how I feel about her and the future we could have?


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  • To me it sounds like she liked what she heard. Sometimes a couple needs to break up just to realize that they were meant together and rethink their errors to fix what did not work the first time. You should definitely go for it. I mean you can't get worse you can either get her back or continue being friends. If she's what you want don't think too much about it just go for it.

    • So I was planning on grabbing her today and saying we need to talk. then about an hour before we were to go our separate ways and I was gonna ask. She popped up out of the blue and asked if she could come over this afternoon. This has to be good, right?

    • Of course that's good. Maybe she realized that she wants to be with you too and can not wait any longer for you to make your move. Things seem to be looking up for you so take advantage of it and just let things flow naturally. If you guys get together remember to fix what did not work the first time and remember that not every couple gets a second chance so make the best of it.

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  • yes go ahead. second chances are hard to come by and if the opportunity presents itself grab it. don't waste any time. just be careful though, she might be feeling nostalgic and not that she has any real feelings for you. it happened that way with my ex, the nostalgia came back for awhile and then faded off. best of luck to you


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