Friendship with an ex boyfriend?

My ex and I have a lot of mutual friends and will probably see each other again.

I am not sure how I will feel if I do see him again. I told him I was cool with being friends but still do have some feelings for him.

He says it would be the mature thing to do seeing as though we have a few mutual friends now.

I never treated him badly at all and have become good friends with a couple of his female friends.

He just had other priorities like full time work and Uni studies and was not ready to start a new relationship after going through a tough break up last year.

Feeling hurt that he did not seem to care as much as I thought he did about me before either.

He only talks to me when necessary and when we talk over messages on Facebook. He only messages once and straight to the point. He was like that just before we broke up as well.

He did keep mentioning earlier that he still wanted to be friends and that we should catch up. Got that twice. Now I get nothing. What do you think that means?

I know that it is over but. What do you think his behavior means?


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  • He's interewstedin you but just busy You'll need to tke the initiative in keeping in touch, or he'll be writing this same little essay about you, wondering why you're not as interested in him as you once were!


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