I've been with this guy for almost a year but it doesn't feel right anymore and I've been wanting this new guy?

So yeah we've been together for awhile he was my first love and first one I had sex with, for awhile he wouldn't pay enough attention to me so I would always act super clingy and always pour my feelings to him but I never got what I wanted to hear back so lately I've just been giving up caring. Well I was at a party and this guy I met a few times b4 was there well we sort of made out and have been talking ever since. My boyfriend started realizing I was acting different so he's been acting clingy and saying he can't loose me and blah blah but it just annoys me now. I really am starting to fall for this new guy and he's so awesome and different than my boyfriend. So a couple days ago I was drunk and told my boyfriend it's over. But then the next day I said sorry Because I felt bad so he came over and we kissed and stuff but I didn't feel anything so I just kinda went along with it. I don't know what to do because he told me that If we break up he doesn't know what he'll do and I'm scared Because I don't want him to turn to alcohol. And he also tells me that other guys will just use me and I'm scared if I breakup with him that new guy I like will do that to me and I'm scared of getting hurt so then I just think well my boyfriend is paying attention to me now and other guys will just use me I might as well stay with him but my feelings don't feel there anymore. I don't know what to do :( and I'm also scared of karma like if I breakup with him Because of someone else, it's Gina come back at me... Help please!


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  • So you cheated on your boyfriend and he telling you how much he cares for you annoys you? Karma should already be pretty pissed.

    Break up with your boyfriend in the nicest way possible. Then take some time to sort your sh*t out and don't just jump the next guy.

  • He should have cared more from the beginning. Now he thinks he can keep you by mentally messing with you. Dump him. Date the new guy if you want.


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