Missing a girl from school days!?

School graduation was like 6 years ago and ever since that time I lost total contact with this girl, that is until Facebook came along and she added me some 10 months ago, but we never did speak to each other.(at that time I was seeing another girl )

Now back in a day, me and this girl clicked so much together, there was even this one time when I gave her a heartily laugh she confessed to me that she loves me(OK but am not sure how much of the words of a 15 year old hold true). Anyway, am thinking to chat her up one of those days when I catch her online, but on one hand am a bit concerned because it's been such a long time I haven't seen or spoken to her so am not really sure what kind of reaction to expect from her or even if she still is the same person I knew 6 years ago , and on the other hand there's this issue that I don't like some of her friends(looking at her fb pics it seems that she's still in contact with them), which could be a bit of a problem if I should ever get to see her again.

Female opinion is much appreciated.thanks.


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  • Sounds like a tough situation. I think you run the obvious risk of being disappointed on several levels. Primarily, she may not be the person you remember, and it sounds like you're still attracted to the idea of the girl you used to know; secondly, people are unpredictable and there's just no way of knowing how she'll react to talking or how her memories of you are characterized.

    You should talk to her, but don't be too forward, just talk as friends and don't be surprised if she doesn't see you as anything more than a friend from the past and, this may sound cruel, but be prepared to be disappointed if she doesn't remind you of the person you used to know. You'll never know until you try and based on your detail and the thought you've put into this, you've got to give it some effort and then at least you'll know. I hope everything works out.

    • ya thx for the answer, I think I'll give it a shot while not expecting too much out of it.

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