He says he just wants to see me and chill out. I'm just so confused as to what he wants!

sorry might be a bit long but please help me out!...

me and the ex broke up a couple of months ago. a couple of weeks after we split up he got a new girlfriend.

ever since we broke up he has been contacting me (calls and texts) saying how he's with someone but in love with someone else (me) and how he doesn't know what to do... even when he's spending time with his girlfriend. he's put a different name in his phone in case she sees :s.

last night he asked to meet up with me for a bit, after a bit of persuading I said OK. I didn't see him for long as it was getting late but the time went so quickly.

he constantly talked about how he wished it was different, and how its our year anniversary soon then quickly said ' I mean it would be'...he kept touching my leg and asking for a cuddle. and when we did cuddle he wouldn't let go.

i knew it was a bad idea to meet up with him because its brought back old feelings I had for him. he asked if he could see me tomorrow, but I said no.

he was so sweet when I saw him yesterday, and now its as if he doesn't want me back at all :s he says he just wants to see me and chill out...but ...I'm just so confused as to what he wants! please help :)


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  • Tell him to set his feelings straight. If you want him back tell him, if he wants you back then let the other girl go.

    If that's how you feel...

    If he doesn't mind being with two girls at once then YOU must be OK with it too. But then again the other girl must be OK with it too... Setup a threesome and have you fun...

    Everything is OK unless someone in the relationship feels bad about it. But then again HE must descide first..


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