Is this a good idea? I need closure.

Me and this girl hit it off really good. We would talk for hours at night. Go to movies and just hang in the park and talk.

All of a sudden she quit talking to me and said she never really liked me. I think it is because she didn't want a relationship and started to like me to much and backed away and I may have forced the issue a little.

Anyway to get closure to see if she really doesn't like me I am going to ask her to meet me at the park we went to all the time. If she shows it means she does like me still and if she doesn't than she is telling the truth and I have my answer.

What do you think? Good or bad idea?


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  • I wouldn't do it.

    Some girls just like being liked. You gave her the attention she wanted. Whatever reason why you two don't talk now, only she knows. We could go on and on about what the reason could be.

    You have two choices.

    1 - Don't ask her to go to the park. Call her and ask her if you did something wrong. I bet you I know the answer already... "No, sorry just be been busy with other things".

    2 - Forget about her and do not contact her and if down the road she contacts you, pay attention to why she is call you... Is she lonely, is she sad, she wants to go out to a movie, wanna go to the mall, (i.e. take me there), etc. If any of the activities mentioned have nothing to do with you as a person (I miss you, went to that park and thought of you. These are examples of activities that would involve you). Then she is an attention whore. Simple as that. Trust me, there are more of those types of girls out there then you think. You just have to pay attention to the signs.


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  • I am dealing with a smiliar problem and honestly, I don't think it's a good idea. Some people like to be admired, liked, chased and once they get that - tthey feel it's okay to discard you. I think closure is something you have to find for yourself - no one can give it to you. I let a guy string me along for over a year and in doing so, I contributed to my own pain and grief. Show her that she can't have that power over you because there are other more amazing women out there who truly will appreciate how great you are and not play ridiculous games with your feelngs.

  • I would do it because you two need to talk.I did this when I first started having serious feeling for my boyfriend.It was because I'd been messed around so badly by guys in the past that I didn't feel ready to trust another guy and felt that a good guy like him didn't deserve to be burdened with my emotional baggage


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  • Bad idea.

    You're just gonna ask her and go to the park, whether or not she gives you an answer? She probably won't show up. And then you'll be mad at her for 'wasting your time', when you're the one who took the risk and expected her to show up.

    I bet you $1000 that she wanted a relationship with you. However, you disappointed her because you didn't push for it.

  • That's a really bad idea.


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