Why would an ex even make this mistake!?

Got a random text from an ex then another that said oh that was meant for someone else. He then proceeds to have a conversation with me and brings up a event that I was at this weekend that I put on my fb page. He's just confusing the hell out of me. Has never made a " mistake " like that in the year we haven't talk! I'm tempted to never speak to the boy again:(


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  • okay, we've all made mistakes so it could of been just that. I accidentally texted my ex the other day and it was such a mistake. I meant to text someone I work with whose name was above his in my phone, got distracted and there you go.

  • Ofcourse it wasn't a mistake. It's his idea of a great way to contact you and talk to you.

    • Hmmm...maybe. found it to be strange that it never happened before, but maybe I'm just reading too much into it.

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