Does my ex boyfriend still like me?

So am in HS and I had a boyfriend freshman year who I was with for 9 months was sorta on & off , put he broke up with me when we made *9months* but never gave me a reason why. but time passed & they told me that he was talking sh*t about me so all I did was defend him but he said I started all the bullshi* so we was playing the blame game, so am guessing we both got false alarm. time passed and it was the middle of sophomore year then came the begin 0of junior year and what not so its December of junior year & were on the blood drive and I saw this boy who is his friend, and we was just their and one of my ex friends tells me he was talking shi* about me so I started crying cause it hurt, so me and this kid who is his friend just started started talking about stuff & it came to a point were he started flirting with me and I flirted back & 2 months from then we started going out and my ex told him he has no problem if me and him go out but he always looks at me when ever he can but he has a girlfriend and now they tell me that he talks sh*t about me and my boyfriend which we have been together for 9 Months & 6 Days .


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  • He could I mean honestly 9 months is a good amount of time


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