How should I keep in touch with him while I am gone?

my boyfriend of 6 years and I broke up 2 months ago. the break up was his idea and has been extremely difficult for me, so I decided to move away for a couple months for a program. he has never told me it is completely over between us and that we just need 'space'. before I left, he acted very loving and sad that I was going. he said he thought we would have more time together and wanted to know how I was during the time I was gone. he also asked if I was planning on moving back and I told him I did not know.

my question is, how often and how should I keep in touch with him while I am away? I want to keep in touch with him, but I don't want to throw myself at him. I have been very willing to work on things with him for a long time but he has been the one to reject me. what do you think? phone call once a week?


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  • As much or as little as you feel like communicating. Phone call, email, letter, or postcard. 6 years is a long time. Don't just throw it out. He is obviously not totally over you. Be ready for him to take you back. Don't play any mind games with him, it isn't going to help anything.


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