If you're interested in a guy, but things are messy between you and your ex, would you flirt with the guy?

I'm getting signals from her, so should I act on them or should I stay away as far as possible from this situation?


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  • I would stay away from her. Usually when things are messy with the ex mean still lot of feeling for the guy. She is not going to be able to give you 100% attention and that's bad because she could go back to her ex anytime too. I know and I'm going through it right now. I might think the guy is cute but I am emotional a mess and I still miss my ex like crazy.

  • Be her friend for now, please. I had just broken up with a guy I liked, and was in a really bad situation when this much better guy came along and tried to pursue me...he was so sweet and I knew I should like him, but I just didn't, and I know part of that was because I wasn't over my ex yet. Also, for those few weeks I was trying to juggle all the mess with le ex boyfriend with trying to figure out whether or not I liked the new guy, so it was even worse...point being, it would make her a lot less stressed and your chances a lot better if you just be her friend for now, then go for it after she seems better about the situation. :) Good luck!


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