I can't let him go?

So this has been going on for a year now...at first he was sweet and payed me lots of attention but he was seeing someone :l when I found out I ended it, then he finished with his girlfriend so I got bk with him, I wasn't prepared to sleep with him straight off but he kept going on like over the top norzing, so I ended it, then he said sorry blah blah and I got back with him & it's been going round in circles like that until now...each time he escapologists he sounds more and more convincing but I can't keep doing this and I can't let him go

I'm sure all he wants is sex but he says he wants more...i don't believe him but because I want it to be true I'm easily fooled.

i don't love him so why can't I let him go? I need help big time!


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What Guys Said 1

  • Wait so, you haven't slept with him yet? Or you have slept with him already and you want him to show that he wants more than that. The first is possibly because he is a young guy like me and we tend to get a bit excited but if he is forcing himself then you need to say a decisive NO and if he doesn't respect that then you should let him go, and let him find another girl cause you are not the right one for him. If it is the second, then really stop letting him get sex for nothing. He is probably not looking for anything serious and you obviously are so make that clear, have a talk. Share why you want more than sex, and let him talk and explain why he doesn't do more to show you he wants you as more than just a sex buddy. Anyway good luck.


What Girls Said 1

  • Because you have a crush in him at some level and he is feeding it. Only you know what he wants. If the little voice in your head is telling you that then it is true. Seems like you have a choice to make.


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