Ex boyfriend says hi to me?

I need help please...okay so my ex boyfriend says hi to me after a year of not talking and then every time he passes me in the hall when I'm with my friends on the ground hanging out..he glances or according to my friend stares at me. Usually he walks by, well today he sat near us against the wall so he could "get a view of me" and almost the whole time he was staring at me...like honestly..i looked at him to see if he was and he was and when I looked he didn't look away he just kept on staring then he got up and left and then came back and sat in the same place and talked with his friend and stared at me too... I don't know what's going on but my friend thinks he still likes me or misses me after I broke it off with him and she think thinks he gonna ask me out again one day.

Do you think he could possibly ask me out again or does he miss me?


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