What is the point of mind games after you break up??

Please help me to understand why ex's play games. My ex dumped me and moved on VERY fast! I had gotten a weekly text or restricted call from him up until I blocked him last month. How do I know it's him calling restricted, I don't 100%, but I NEVER get restricted calls any other time, than when we are broken up. I have gotten 10 in the past 2 months. I answered two weeks ago and the person hung up. If it was a telemarketer or bill collector, they wouldn't hang up. So, then last Friday, he had his daughter call me from a number I don't know...to ask me things that have NOTHING to do with me anymore. Why is he doing this? I made it very clear to him when we broke up that we WILL NOT be friends! You can't be friends with someone that you were just a partner to for 8.5 years. Can someone please tell me why he's playing these games. I honestly think he calls to hear my voice. I know that I miss his, but the point is, we are BROKEN UP! You don't get that privilege anymore...am I right? Especially when he's moved on to a new chick! Any help would be appreciated!


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  • he sounds like he is having some trouble moving on

  • he just can't let go. some people are like that. don't pay too much attention to him


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