Ex boyfriend sends Facebook request?

Long story short, we broke up 2 months ago after dating over a year, both of ours longest relationships. He planned on moving to Europe and didn't want to try long term. After the break he got into drugs and alcohol and got fired, his dream of Europe went down the drain and rebounded to another girl and it was over in 3 weeks.

He talked about getting back together and still says I was an amazing girlfriend. I deleted him off Fb after the break. We haven't talked in over a week, but just last week he added me on Facebook. I also have some of his stuff but he's taking his time in getting it back...

Does he need space or any other suggestions or ideas?


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  • Maybe he just wants to be your friend.

    • We both agreed that we couldn't be friends, so that's kind of ruled out..

    • maybe he wants to Facebook stalk you

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