I think I should cut her out of my life? what do you think?

I've been a close friend with this girl since I was in high school, we got along great though I had feelings for her which eventually just became sexual, we did fool around a bit in the passed but we are mainly friends.

anyway saying this plus over the years we have fallen out a few times, my fault really and recently she is pissed at me again for saying something to someone else that I shouldn't have that was personal.

plus I don't think there's really a true friendship there, I mean all I ever do is think about her sexually but she doesn't want anything of that now.

mainly even though I'm generally a nice guy to people but with her when I think I've done nothing wrong she points out what I've done, then I feel bad.

somewhere on another level, even though we act like friends I don't think there's really a friendship or anything there.

i think I should cut her out but won't be easy.

what do you think?

i just think I'm being a bad friend


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  • Dude if she's giving you a pain in the butt just don't go for it anymore its not worth it if she won't give you want you want from her.

    It won't be easy but its for the better. Friends gotta be compativle or esle its a total waste.

    • its not about that, I think I'm just being a bad friend

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    • i don't think I'll stop being sexually attracted to her

    • I meant being a better friend..

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