I cannot get this woman out of my head?

I have social anxiety so I don't have many people to talk to to begin with. I took a class last month, and started talking to this absolutely GORGEOUS woman. We went to lunch a couple times, spoke a bit with each other, studies a few times and wrote our admission test together last month.

Prior to the test we exchanged numbers and shed text me nearly everyday about how my studying is going, how my school is going etc. She asked me to add her on bbm so I did and we'd text on there. I found out a while ago she has a boyfriend so I'm more than happy with just being friends. However, I have started getting feelings for her and its killing me.

After the test, she still texts me every 2-3 days to see how my school is going, what my plans are for school these next few months etc and we'll talk a bit. But most times she'll just abruptly stop texting until a few days later and start over. This whole thing is bothering me and its gotten to the point where I'm constantly looking at her bbm updates and this is depressing the hell out of me. On top of this she is always changing her profile picture to show her in bikinis, posing in short shorts etc and this is driving me insane. I literally can't focus on school anymore, as I'm thinking about her and getting depressed I can't see her or be with her.

I tried texting her this past weekend to see how she was doing but she didn't respond. Not only this she didn't even READ my message. For 3 days. So I was finally starting to accept it and get over it and then yesterday she texts me asking how school is going again, where I'm going to be applying etc and again, after a few texts she abruptly stops. She last asked me a question and I responded but its now over a day later and she still hasn't even READ my message, yet still updates her bbm. This whole thing is bothering me and I can't focus on anything else.

Given my social situation I have no one else to focus my attention on - its just her. I wish so badly that I never spoke to her, or at least wish shed stop texting me. But we're going to be writting another test together in January and going through a lot of applications so I'm going to see her again and probably will continue talking to her (unfortunately...). I really have feelings for her, and its affecting me really badly...I just don't know what to do or why she is doing this? If she doesn't bother responding to me, WHY TEXT ME IN THE FIRST PLACE? Leave me be already?


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  • she sounds like a grade digger to me but I could be wrong. its not hurting her so in her point of view, why change anything, know what I mean? the only thing you can do is distance yourself from her. your gona write together so that's tough. but what I suggest is keep everything between you about that paper or whatever it is you're going to do. if she wants to hang out, don't go. find an excuse like your gona do some errands or you have a show to go to or something. and when she texts you casually for conversation do her like she does you. don't pay much attention and take your time responding to these things. you have to distance yourself as much as you can and stop looking forward to her messages and updates and calls and stuff... by doing that you won't have anyone to talk to regyularly but trust me it beats chatting her up because that's like chasing a carrot on a stick.. no matter how far you go you'll never get it.. hope that helps :)


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