The other person in a cheating relationship?

Okay - so obviously the cheater is guilty - but what about the person they cheat with - but the person their cheating with, knows that the main cheater already has another lover?

I say their just as guilty - and is getting some sick thrill out of the person cheating with them.

Like you know when people brag about taking someone else's boyfriend or girlfriend? I think the people who assist in the cheating (and are fully aware of the other person,) do it for an ego boost or are just heartless, or selfish for helping the other person cheat.

There's a guy I really like who has been with his girlfriend for almost a year. She lives kinda far, but he's already kissed me and hints at trying to make me his girlfriend. But I keep him at bay because I'd feel so bad being the other woman - like since I know about her, I feel I'd be just as guilty as him if he cheated with me.

See what I'm saying?

So I think the other person in a cheating relationship is just as guilty as the main cheater.

Do you agree?


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  • I agree. There is no real argument against it unless the person really had no idea that the man/woman was already in a relationship.

    But nobody is that stupid. (Oh humanity, I know you'll prove me wrong!)

    • LOL @ last line XD

      Right - the other person always acts so oblivious and innocent like - I feel like 90% of the time the other person has their suspicions

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  • yes I agree. they're really both equally responsible for their actions in this scenario. I agree with stitches as well, there's no argument against it if the other person doesn't know.

  • I did this. I was "the other guy". She broke up with him for me..however she hasn't made us official yet. She was abused and wouldn't leave until she finally cheated on him with me. I told her if she wants me, she'll dump him--so she did.

    • I feel like - if that person can cheat on their first lover with you - they'll cheat on you later on. For some reason, the " other" person thinks oh they're the savior or the best option - but it just turns out later that you never were.

      Seen that happen majority of the time.

      But I mean, it's rare but sometimes the second relationship with the other does work out. Obviously your better than the abusive guy hopefully lol - but where's her heart at?

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    • Yea - well hope that works out for you.

    • Thank you

What Girls Said 2

  • I disagree. Why should the other person be responsible for a relationship that isn't theirs? It's not like by refusing to be the one the person cheats with you're saving the relationship; if that person is considering cheating, the relationship's already over. You could even say you're helping it run its course.

    The only guilty one is the cheater and, a lot of times, their girlfriend/boyfriend.

  • Yes, the other person is just as guilty as long as they know they are the other guy or girl. If they don't know then they are as much a victim as the person who is being cheated on.


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