How can I get her back?

So I saw her a few days ago and she just finished her important examinations (this is in university we're both 21). However she seemed a bit tired so she didn't seem that enthusiastic as always. Like a few weeks or about a month ago, she seemed very enthusiastic to see me and smiled a lot. But after her exams, she seemed sort of less enthusiastic, although she did smile a bit.

Should I ask her out via a call or should I approach her personally later on? She did delete me off Facebook last year because I was being rude. But this year she seemed really enthusiastic to see me.

So do you think she is attracted to me or just friends? She did flirt with me many times, like she would flick her hair while walking and look at me in a sexual way. I'm very sure it was flirting because I could just feel it.

So what do you think? What is the best way to approach to get her back?


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  • Just start out by texting/calling her to see if she's interested in hanging out. Best to ask if she has time to meet up for lunch or dinner. Maybe add a "we should catch up!" phrase. :) And also try being enthusiastic too when you do meet up with her.


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