Mixed signals from ex boyfriend?

We broke up 2 months ago after dating for over a year. I was his longest relationship. He has major trust issues but I was the only one he could ever trust. We broke up because he planned on moving to Europe. After the break he started smoking cigarettes a lot, doing drugs and drinking a lot., he ended up getting fired and his plan on going to Europe went down the drain. He started dating a girl and that rebound only lasted 3 weeks. After not speaking for a week he messaged me on Facebook. We talked a little and he even spoke of getting back together maybe.

After that suggestion he became really distant again. And we didn't talk for another week. We ended up seeing one another at a party which I went to with one of my guy friends. My ex was telling people he wanted to fight the guy I came with and a lot of people told me all he did that night was stare at me. He also glares at my guy friend when ever he sees him. Though my friend has a girlfriend.

We havn't talked in over a week again. He added me on Facebook last week though he knows we can't be friends. What are his intentions? Should I just leave him alone for a while so he can figure his life out?

Any suggestions or ideas would be great :)


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  • I would let him be. You didn't cause the problems and yet he is being rude and controlling.


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