Friends with an ex boyfriend?

Did I have a right to be angry at my ex boyfriend when I did.

Had not seen him practically all month. He rarely spoke on the phone, sent texts to me, was canceling dates on me.

I felt like he was taking me for granted and that he was only seeing me whenever it was convenient for him.

I bring this up and tell him. He just says that he was busy and things always pop up last minute for him.

Oh and no. I do not think I was clingy. I would normally contact him like every two, three days. With a little message or something.

I try to work out if it is possible to get at least one or two days a week with him but he could not do it and said it will be like that for a while. Seeing him every two, three weeks.

He also says that he is not ready for a relationship yet. He admits he still likes me though and wants to catch up.

Have not heard from him since. Just through one email after a week suggesting to him if he really meant what he said about being friends. He agrees and writes yes cause we have a lot of mutual friends now. It will be the mature thing to do.

Still do not hear from him. Just gotta keep the no contact thing going again I guess.

Have not gotten emotional or anything with him since. Just have let things be. Reckon he will notice that?


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  • Sorry but He's an Asshole , I'm writing this Comment and I'm Furious I would kill my Ex Boyfriend right now if I saw him ! So Yes Your Boyfriend is a Jerk , Just Ignore him , Show him that you've moved on and You're better without him , If there's something he loved you to do when You were together and you didn't start doing it But not him .. Just be the Person he would want you to be ( But Keep Your own Personality saved ) Just be that Person when You're around him m Don't give him any attention , Just Act like he's one of your friends .. That's my Opinion :)


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