Will girl talk to me?

I've been waiting on a relationship for quite some time in my life, and I finally had a girl walk in, at the start of summer. We dated for about 3 months but things happened, mainly a lot of miscommunications and misunderstandings, and we broke up. She broke up with me, even though I didn't want it. She'd clam up and get very distant if there was something she didn't like. I'm sure we would both do things differently if we could do it over again. However, she goes to our church and I don't want that awkwardness. I want her in my life as a friend or a girlfriend. After some drama and lying that had been going on (either by her or some other individual that was involved) she sent me a text saying she didn't want me to talk to her anymore. It's been almost a week and I'm doing my best but I can't help but think about her. I miss her more then she'll ever know and prior to that last text, I did everything I knew to be on good terms. I'm hoping and praying she'll come to me sooner rather then later to talk about everything and try to pick up the pieces but I'm not sure what to think. I'm sure she has some growing up to do but I miss seeing her name on my phone and hearing her voice. It's hard to focus on school with all this going on. Is there any chance she'll come around and talk to me, and if so, is there a time frame I can expect?


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  • time heals all :) it might suck now and I can't give you a time frame because I don't know her. but let her know that whenever she's ready to be friends, ull be there because you care about her so much. but don't force her. don't harass her. just give her space and time.

    meanwhile, start getting over her yourself. pursue some interest of urs, go out, have fun. we only have one life so keep living it to the fullest. if its meant to be, you guys will end up back together and if not then that's just what fate has planned.

    Goodluck <3


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  • Don't go into this expecting a happy ending. Trust me, it makes the disappointment even worse if it doesn't happen. Right now, the worst that can happen, has already happened. The worst of it is over, so don't go expecting things will improve only to get drug right back to this point. Imagine dragging this feeling out, on and off for YEARS. That's what happened to me when I tried playing the post-relationship game.


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