Show guy I'm not chasing him?

He said I have emailed him everyday so I suddenly stopped, will I turn it around &show I'm not chasing him?

i sent him a snail mail, and he messaged me that he received it already but kind of mocked me. he said he always receives an email from me every time he wakes up, and that its funny how I had to write him a snail mail.and he said, but it was very sweet of me even if I was trying to pull off a corny romantic thing on him.he sent me a post card so I sent him a letter. I stopped emailing him right away and hide my Facebook and didn't log on to my skype.and avoided contacting him. I feel stupid and wanted to never initiate contact with him ever,Do you think I can still turn things around with what I am doing now? reclaim my honor and show him I am not chasing him by being unavailable to him.? why is it that he says I'm corny when I am a little sweet, but when he's being sweet and sending me post card ending with "love, then his name" then it is alright.


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  • This sounds like a beat-around-the-bush kinda situation, so I'd start pointing out things like what you said in the last sentence. He might not be aware that he's acting that way because some people just act like that naturally. Don't just drop contact with him. No one deserves that if they don't know what's going on. If he loses a friend because of some unknown reason it's just going to make him bitter or insecure instead if you tell him straight out so he can fix himself. If you want to show someone you're not interested, say it. quick and effective.


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