Breakup keeps hurting?

I had a meaningful relationship that ended a few months ago. A little while after she had a new relationship started and I had the most cumbersome duel that lasted a couple of months. Now I have a new relationship but every now and then I'm still thinking about my ex.

My ex called me a few days ago and we chatted lightly. As I told her in our time I could never be her friend and I really can't. The ending was pretty nasty (of the rel..) So I texted her and told her I appreciated her interest and asked her to please try to forget about me as I can't find any sense to keep in touch.

It still hurts a little and my current relationship is aware of all of this. I don't think I'm still missing her as I don't. She is very weird as she is 100% unpredictable and somewhat superficial. After she cheated my comeback with another guy she calls me without any regret or empathy as if we were just good friends, which we aren't. I feel she's quite insensitive and insensible. Am I too emotional? Why does it keeps hurting?



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  • It hurts because she violated your trust and acted as if she did not do anything wrong. You figure that you did nothing wrong, but somehow, she had the audacity to disregard everything that you have done to make the relationship work. That being said, you have to let it go. It could jeopardize the current relationship that you have. This cheating that was done to you can affect how your approach your new relationship, but everyone deserves an equal opportunity. Not every girl is going to cheat on you. This new relationship can blossom. I applaud your effort to talk things out. This will help you move on, but you need to talk it out with either a close friend or family member or a therapist. The goal is to let this go. You don't have to forgive her, but let her disrespectful actions affect your life anymore.

    • Thank you. I'm present into my current relationship but I think I will never forget my ex as I believed I really loved her and wanted her to be real deeply happy but took some serious blows (and gave some too.) Your thoughts are very insightful!

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  • It still hurts because you still have feelings for her and maybe you need to get some closure with that relationship. What does your current girlfriend have to say about this as she is aware? If I were her I would be a little worried.

    • She is aware and I already had my closure. I paid for my mistakes and my ex ran away from her's. I hate those beliefs some people have about a nail can get out another nail. She did just that and well, I believed we had something good and too good for such an ending. I think my current bad feelings are more about myself and to what I did wrong. Thank you!


    • Well... that's a complex thought. You know, when I was trying to win her back and she agreed to this she already had a new relationship. That's not very honest. I really want her to grow up, know herself well and to be really happy. I'm hurt because she was the one who wanted first us to live together and start building a future, and when I pushed forward on this she became more distant and well then I blew it up by not knowing what to do. So I wanted to fix this but I got the mentioned surprise

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