Is there anyway to get him to want to date me again?

He dumped me on Wednesday for a dumb reason, and I see him tonight to get my things from his place.. I want him back. I just don't know if there is any way to make him realize how much I did for him and how much he wants me. I want him to ask me out again. I want to fix it. HELP


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  • If he gave a dumb reason for breaking up with you, it could be:

    1. He is dumb.

    2. He wanted to break up and used any dumb excuse to do it.

    He did not have the courage to tell that he does not want to have a relationship and gave a dumb reason instead.

    Don't pursue him. It will not work.

    If he has any feelings at all, it will become evident only if you move on and start dating other men.

    • Why do guys do that? When they see you with someone else did they know they want you!?

    • Girls also do that. It is human psychology.

      Often, when you can not make up your mind, the possibility of losing something clarifies the mind and gives you the extra push that you need to act.

  • You can't make a guy realize things. He has to do that on his own. Don't beg, but just tell him how you feel.


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