Rebound of ex girlfriend?

So my ex girlfriend and I have a beautiful 3 year old daughter together. We broke she has been dating and was engaged to other guy who she has a son with for the last 2 years. She knows that I want to try and work things out with us.

Two weeks ago I get a phone call from her asking if I want to pick up my daughter early. And I knew something was wrong. She started crying and telling me her fiance moved everything out of the house and told her there was another woman and he was done with her. So for about the next week we hung out a few times and I told her exactly how I felt . She started asking her friends and family about what they thought of us getting back together at some point and everything was going good. We even made plans to go out for her birthday and all. And then her ex fiance called and said he was sorry and he wasn't sure what he wanted. She stopped talking to me about a relationship and said it has nothing to do with her ex it's just she doesn't want to talk about her with anyone at this point.

My question is I know it's early and I don't want to be a rebound. But what the hell is going on? One minute everything is going good and the next I don't know what to think. What should I do?


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  • She is using you for her "go to guy". Don't let her do this again. Its obvious that she is because the second her ex calls crying, she is backing away from you. If she was seriously into you, her ex coming back would not get in the way of that. Its unfortunate, especially because you have a child together and the best case scenario would be you two getting back together. But that's life. Trust me, I have been that "go to girl" and won't ever do it again, it sucks! Time after time, you will grow tired of it after too long. Good luck!



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